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Please support my next film, ‘SOLITARY.’ 

As a current Fellow at the prestigious American Film Institute (in Los Angeles, CA), I truly believe in the universal power of storytelling. This story, ‘SOLITARY’, is one that is so very close to my heart - and, importantly, one that explores a greatly important subject in our society: the torturous practice of solitary confinement in US prisons. Learn more about my upcoming film - and the current Kickstarter fundraising campaign - by following the above link. Let’s spark a change in our world - together…


(Derek J. Pastuszek, Writer & Director)


At its core, SOLITARY is an exploration of the well-hidden world of solitary confinement in the US prison institution. The narrative stays with one inmate, serving a sentence for a nonviolent crime, as he is transferred into ‘the SHU’ for multiple years of confinement. 

With him, you will experience the effects of this type of isolation on our character’s mental, psychological, and emotional framework. With him, you will feel every haunting, visceral detail — from the echoing screams of agony that surround the cell to the bloody fingerprints that our inmate presses on his wall to mark each passing day in isolation. 

With our story, SOLITARY, we aim to cast our light into the shadows and, with your help, provide a voice for the voiceless within them.


As passionate AFI filmmakers, we have already personally invested over $4,000 to get our project off the ground (this will go towards the materials to begin constructing our cell set as well as production insurance for our shoot). We have committed ourselves fully into this project - into telling this story as a team.

With that said, we cannot make this project happen without your support along the way. As we are a student-film team, everything counts. Every donation from every supporter will help us tell this important story. Simply: WE NEED YOUR HELP. 

We have set a thorough plan that will make the most of our $16,000 budget: with our $12,000 fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, we hope to raise the necessary funds to produce this film and tell this story. Everything that goes into a film production, from the gear rentals to location contracts to feeding the cast & crew, will come from the support of the online community - from people like you.

With your support and contribution, we will be able to bring this story to life and send this powerful message out to the world. With your help, we can make this happen. Please check out the ‘SOLITARY’ Kickstarter page, contribute to our project, and join our brilliant team. If anything, you could really help our campaign by simply sharing the page with your own networks on social media. Send the link to our project out to the world and help us start this story’s fires. And, most importantly, THANK YOU.

Our story, SOLITARY, is a story that needs to be told… 

And we need you to help us tell it… 



the SOLITARY team.

(Connect with us on FB: facebook.com/SOLITARYfilm)


Technically not a picture, but happy to donate to to a new film project on solitary confinement from the students at the American Film Institute.

Check out their kickstarter page:


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The Awakening 
- By: Darby Lahger (Old Hag)


The Awakening

- By: Darby Lahger (Old Hag)

[... SOLITARY ...] (a short film)

my friends,

i am excited to be making a very beautiful film in just over a month. this story is one that is very close to my heart, and i also feel that this is a story that can resonate with all of us— on every level from the personal to the societal. with that said, i need YOUR support in order to tell this story and bring this film to life. please take a look at the project’s kickstarter campaign and, most importantly, help me make this happen by lending your support, contributing to our goal, and joining our team. thank you.

art is such a beautiful, beautiful part of existence.

most sincerely,


"MEDEA : Tell me,
How does it feel with my teeth in your heart?"
Euripides, Medea

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Nature and Noise: Photography by Anna Marinenko

"The gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment may be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again."